Wednesday, September 30, 2015

About a week ago I got the letter from my current doctor... and I remembered why she isn't a favorite of mine. I've always thought she was a little too ditzy to take seriously.

She did what I asked in that I now have a letter telling The Board that I need surgery to control my weight. However, it kind of looked like a middle school child wrote it. It's full of grammar errors: missing punctuation; missing words; capitalized words in wrong places. It's sad really. I suspect she scribbled something out on paper then handed it to one of her flunkies to type up. I'm trying to suspress the urge to send it back and have it re-written. Doctor's should know how to write a formal letter, don't you think? I won't do that though. I don't want to rock the boat, let alone slow the process even more than it already is.

Anyway, I'm about to give up on getting the letter back from my previous doctor. I haven't heard a thing and while part of me wants to contact the office to find out if I will be receiving one, the other part of me doesn't want to hear that he won't be sending one. It's too stressful.

I'm thinking that I'll have to add much more detail in my own appeal letter to cover the gaps of not having the second letter. Plus, I'll be adding more research on comparisons between the costs of  having the surgery and the costs of health issues due to obesity. I should also call the insurance company itself to get any help on the letter... if they're willing to help. I have found a bunch of sites online on how to write the appeal letter. I plan on my letter being much longer than the examples; I want to cover every possible aspect, maybe even guilt them into giving me the surgery!

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